Video From the Weisshorn

I haven't done a lot recently as I've been working a lot but i had a few Videos form the Weisshorn that i've merged together. I also found this quote from Alan Heason who wrote an article on UKClimbing about the his experience on the Weisshorn.

and we had decided to attempt that most beautiful of mountains, the Weisshorn. The Matterhorn is brutal in its beauty and forces its image into one's consciousness. The Weisshorn is immense, gracefully proportioned and, in my humble and comparatively inexperienced view, the loveliest mountain in the Alps. Steep sharp ridges cup deep cwms and valleys and soar knife-edged to meet at a perfect summit, aloof and alone in magnificence, towering above all proximate peaks, even the Matterhorn.
Alan Heason - UKC article

I didn't take much footage and I'm not exactly Peter Jackson, I also think there is something wrong with my light sensor on my Camera. In any case here it is.


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